Our Logistics Division’s dependable services are divided into:

Business Logistics Services

Logistics Division (Business Overview)

  • Planning custom procedures, coordinating the import and export, and prepared custom documents.
  • Import and export consultation for tax return including the tax benefits for the best profit to our customer.
  • Import and export between countries.
  • Domestic transportation

Provide consultation services for importation of merchandises for any specific needs.

  • Parts by Parts
  • CKD (Complet Knock Down)
  • SKD(Semi Knock Down)
  • Bulk Supply
  • MSP(Multi-Source Parts)

Provide consultation on rights and benefits.

  • BIS-19
  • Blue Corner Tax Compensation
  • BOI and IPO (International Procurement Office)

Provide certificate documents

  • “C/O (Certificate of Origin)”
  • “Form D (Certificate of Origin – ASIAN)”
  • “Form A (Certificate of Origin – Europe, Japan)”
  • “FTA”


Our experts specialized in transportation of merchandises nationwide which may be divided into 2 sites:

Bangkok Lam Cha Bang
Tractor Head
26 26
56 42

We use GPS to track the location of all shipments to ensure safe and on-time delivery. The tracking can be monitored in real-time including location and speed which can be viewed as a report as follow,

  • Check the transportation route at anytime.
  • Monitor the speed for control and inspection.
  • Report distance and time in the delivery process, etc.

All services from Logistics Division are dependable with high standard.