Track Via Email
You can receive an e-mailed tracking report based on container numbers or B/L numbers, by placing these numbers in the subject line of an e-mail message and sending that message to

For B/L numbers, enter the 11-digit numeric portion of the B/L number only, excluding any alpha-prefix. You may enter the single character alpha-suffix if you have it.

For Container numbers, enter the full 10 or 11-digit container number, including four character alpha prefix, and six or seven digit container number.

Track on the web

  1. Go to MOLpower
  2. Choose Container, Bill of Lading, or Booking.
  3. Please type either of below.
    • Booking number : First 11 letters
    • B/L number : First 11 letters
    • Container number : all digits including first 4 alphabets
    • * if searching more than two, separate by space or comma or multiple lines
  4. Press “Search”.